Why Autism Victoria?

So why Autism? Why choose to support Autism Victoria (Amaze)? Well that’s pretty simple, since having a child effected by Aspergers, a low-level form of Autism, it’s been a big part of my life. This has lead us on a steep learning curve trying to understand what it is and how to deal with it. Also realising that it’s not that big a deal. Taking him to specialists and social learning groups, attending seminars and talks by people with experience to get an understanding of how we can make his life the best it can be.

I guess the biggest thing I noticed during this process was how little many of the experts understood about Aspergers. Even health professionals who should know, really didn’t understand what it was and didn’t know the tell-tale signs that show someone is on the spectrum. The thing I heard far too often was that

he’s okay, he’s border line but nothing to worry about

when we as parents know something isn’t right.
Now a similar issue with my current partner, who’s had a lot of behavioural issues with her son, I’m hearing the same thing from the specialists that she goes to see. We know he doesn’t fit in to the Autistic spectrum but there’s still something there. Issues that we’ve had to work with and find ways to deal with while the specialists aren’t sure and give few answers.

So, this essentially is where the connection sits with Amaze, they’re doing their best to help people get the diagnosis they need, offering support and helping people move forward. Something which can be so difficult to find. Autism is often mentioned in the media and many people simply don’t understand what it is, how common it is in children and how simple changes can make such a difference in thir lives. With early intervention being essential in helping kids on the spectrum live a full and well-adjusted life.

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