What’s your Perception?

You see a stone land in the still waters of a beautiful lake creating turbulence and causing waves in the tranquil waters. Where does your focus lay? On the turbulent water surrounding the stone? Do you lose focus of the beauty of the still lake? What we see is a matter of our own perception. The beauty of the lake is still there, we just fail to see it because we’ve become distracted by the turbulence the stone has created. Staying focussed on what is important has become a constant struggle in our daily lives. Our perception of the world around us and how we see it.
A few years ago I worked with a guy who lived on a large property and when he discovered I was a snake handler he said to me “We have a big Red Belly Black Snake living on our front porch”. Wow I thought that’s pretty cool. This snake had been living on his porch for a few years, his kids were aware of it’s presence. They left it alone so it went about it’s business, mostly basking in the sun, not doing them any harm. “Since the Red Belly Black moved in they hadn’t seen another snake in the area” he told me. Which made sense, Red Belly Blacks have been known to eat other snakes and although they’re still regarded as highly venomous they’re more placid than other snakes with no recorded deaths caused by them.
So this situation raised the question “What would your perception of this situation be?” Most people I come across would have with out haste grabbed the shotgun and dispatched the animal with the belief they were protecting the safety of their family, because they would see it as a threat, they see the ripples in the water disturbing the tranquillity. But in actual fact when you take in to consideration the other snakes in the area are far more dangerous, the snake was the one protecting their family’s safety. It always basked in the same spot so they knew where it would be and it made sure there were no other snakes to be concerned about.
So wouldn’t it be better to know where one less dangerous snake is, instead of an unkown number of snakes in unkown locations. Sometimes it pays to think about how you perceive a situation you recieve a better outcome.

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