What’s in a Stone?

So what’s in this stone?

Tigers eye heartThe heart this stone once connected has long since gone. The warmth and kindness it once brought with it has now disappeared. Now, the stone a challenge to hold in my hand, a reminder of the loss of something magical. It stays tucked away and hidden to keep the painful memories at bay. 
There was a plan to give it to the ocean and let the ocean take it away. Along with it the sadness it brings. The day I set aside for this, the process I followed somehow changed and wasn’t meant to be. So it still haunts me, it still sits hidden away waiting to serve its purpose. The advice I received on why this happened was that I still need this stone. It still has a purpose to serve. What that is I don’t know yet, only time will tell.

Someone else now tries to connect

A beautiful girl, attractive, alive in the bedroom, a beautiful soul. A girl from the past I once adored but now my heart no longer present. A fear of being hurt now haunts me, I can’t connect, my hearts not in it, so for now we just stay friends.
On my own I’m free, I have time to spend with friends and family. The freedom to travel my own path. On my own I’m safe no one can hurt me.

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