Traveling With Salad

As strange as it may seem I’ve been travelling with salad.

For some reason it’s been really hard to change my mindset. Having done a lot of hiking in the past I tend to carry light foods, dried pasta, dried fruits and nuts and powdered milk. Everything is simple. The thing I’ve struggled to get my head around is there’s usually a camp kitchen at most caravan parks and if they’re close to town there’ll be a supermarket down the road. So meals don’t have to be dehydrated or powdered crap. There’s the option to go down the street and get a few sausages or a bit or chicken. I can make a salad or whatever suites because at the moment…


Burning so many calories every day makes you hungry. So eating reasonably healthy isn’t that difficult. A lot of the food I carry now is the excess from the packets I buy. Or the things I need for lunch. I still carry a few emergency foods in case I get caught out with nowhere to stay and have to camp out beside the road.

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