The Things You See…

The amazing things you see around you while out riding…

I’ve always liked riding ever since I was a little kid. Doing laps of the court we lived in, over and over, just killing time. Something to do to break the boredom. Then with age came freedom, the opportunity to venture further, to go to new places and see new things. To explore, to see new things!!  The hunger to explore didn’t come without it’s perils, often ending up in places we shouldn’t have been and getting into trouble. But I guess that’s part of growing up.

Riding for me has always been an opportunity to explore, the freedom to escape and disconnect from the world. Whether it be a casual rid along a flat track beside a river or tearing down a hill hanging on for grim death. A good dose of adrenaline never goes astray but that’s another story.

Even riding the same path every day still has it’s little adventures, there’s always something new to see, something different. If the path does become to mundane then choose a new path. The other day a friend suggested I go for a ride along the Barwon river in Geelong pointing out what a nice ride it is. So I did and it wasn’t disappointing. A beautiful ride in a new environment, a paved path through green parks. Highly recommended, a great place to take the kids for a casual ride.

There was so much going on, the pictures in this post are from that days ride. The tight rope walker crossing the river was a bit of a surprise. Not something you see every day. The turkey I came across, after getting a little lost trying to find the bridge across the river. She gobbled at me when I stopped to take a picture. She was busy scratching around and didn’t me interrupting her business. The harlequin bugs were out in droves which would have set off any gardener into spasms.  It made fine tuning the little niggly issues on the bike a dream. New things to see, another adventure. Geelong and all it’s bike paths seem to be an awesome place to clock up some K’s and prepare for the ride to come.

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