The Beginning of a New Adventure…

BallThe time for change has come! It’s the beginning of a new adventure. There seems to be no time to enjoy life anymore. There’s always something that has to be done, a troublesome list of things to do that keeps on growing. This isn’t living life to the fullest, this just feels like a struggle to keep from drowning. Money is the same, the decent pay packet that comes every fortnight just seems to evaporate by the time the next comes along. So, it’s time for change, it’s time to throw all my shit in the air and see what comes down and where it all lands.

What’s this all mean?

What this means is I’ve quit my job, I’m finishing the renovations on the house, selling it and taking off on a bike and riding up the east coast of Australia. I’m going to be unemployed and homeless for a while.

The job I’m walking away from is one of the better jobs I’ve had, they pay better than most and they have an underlying appreciation and respect for their employees. Mark Gabsch who founded Engineering and Maintenance Solutions (EMS) has often gone beyond the scope as an employer to help his employees in need. So, the decision to leave didn’t come easy, it’s really scary, it’s not easy finding a decent job like this at the moment. But if things were going to change, it had to happen. It was the only way the house renos, which I started over 2 years ago, would ever get finished. There’s still a lot to do but I’ve given myself 4 weeks to do it. There has to be a time limit otherwise things will just keep blowing out. Plus, the housing market here has gone off! It’s a really good time to sell. There’s also the murders, evictions, burglaries that go on in the street which offer a little encouragement to get out.

So where to from here?

Bike routeRide a bike up to Cape York, well I’m going to try. It all depends on time and money. 2 to 3 months should be enough time and money well just have to make it last. The journey will begin in Melbourne and the plan is to ride up the east coast of Australia, all the way up to Cape York. A total of about 4500Kms. Construction of the bike has started, a Surly Ogre, which is slowly coming together. It has to be strong and reliable since the plan involves a lot of dirt roads and avoiding main roads. An Ogre seemed like a good choice since there’s people out there doing the same thing on one of these and they’ve clocked up tens of thousands of kilometres. The choice to build seemed to be the best option since a better more suited bike could be built for the same as a factory bike.Surly Ogre Frame

All in all, it’s scary as shit! Unemployed, homeless and what if I don’t make it? What if I get 3 days down the road and think “f%$K! this is all too hard”? But that’s just fear trying to mess with me. If do make it, it’ll be an incredible journey!

The plan is to blog along the way and keep regular updates on Facebook. So, stay tuned! You can follow the journey on the Facebook page  or you can punch in your email below and stay up to date with the posts on here via email. There’s also Instagram and twitter.

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