The Beginning of a New Adventure…

BallThe time for change has come! It’s the beginning of a new adventure. There seems to be no time to enjoy life anymore. There’s always something that has to be done, a troublesome list of things to do that keeps on growing. This isn’t living life to the fullest, this just feels like a struggle to keep from drowning. Money is the same, the decent pay packet that comes every fortnight just seems to evaporate by the time the next comes along. So, it’s time for change, it’s time to throw all my shit in the air and see what comes down and where it all lands. Continue reading “The Beginning of a New Adventure…”

Into the Wild Places

Absolutely amazing adventure on Sunday. I’d finally managed to do the “Gully” walk with Pandy, a term that came about from the locations we’d choose for a days hiking. Usually following a gully down between two ridges in the mountains. Which in most cases leads you down to a river from which you climb up the end of the ridge and walk back along the top of the ridge to the car. Continue reading “Into the Wild Places”