Ride Update #2

Nowa Nowa CampgroundTaking the train back to Bairnsdale was beautiful. Christmas came with a lot of personal challenges so the ride back was a chance to breathe and prepare for what was to come. My ass was feeling a lot better, up until I had gotten to Bairnsdale the aches and pains had just grown and grown. So the rest was well needed. I hadn’t had a chance to train for the before I left so it was a matter of just get on the bike and go. Just keep pushing!


Leaving Bairnsdale was magic, almost straight away I was in a state forest on dirt tracks away from everything. Peaceful and quiet. Except for the CFA fire truck that nearly ran me over, he had no intention of moving over or slowing down so the only choice I had was to bail out and dive into a ditch. Apart from that one encounter there was no one else around.
The ride through the woods soon lead on to the Bairnsdale to Orbost rail trail. This was just so good, the scenery was amazing, the old rail bridges now disused and being a rail trail there were no troublesome hills, and inclines were gradual. The trail takes you through some amazing parts of Victoria. Well worth the ride if you’re in the area.
Stopping in Nowa Nowa for the night it was just pure luck I found the Nowa Nowa Caravan Park. It’s was a beautiful place to stay. Such a fantastic energy. Not like most caravan parks. A campsite was cheap only $15. They had a few chooks wandering around picking up scraps whenever they had the chance. The people there were lovely. A place to remember.
From Nowa Nowa it was off to Orbost on the continuing rail trail. More and more of the amazing scenery. Occasionally passing another cyclist or walker.
From Orbost it was back onto the M1 towards the NSW border, with some very unwelcoming traffic along the way. Riding along for so many hours every day lets you see the road from a different perspective. So many drivers seem to be in such a hurry, giving little room for cyclists like me who are only trying to get somewhere and have a family waiting for them to get home safely. Something else I notice is the amount of wildlife sitting at the edge of the road. When you tear through at 100km/hr you simply don’t have time to take in all that is around you. So please slow down and drive safely.

Me being an old man and unfit, I stopped at Genoa for the night. Eden was just a little too far after all the hills. The camping there was free and the couple running the local are great for a chat. An old couple staying nearby lured me away for a few beers and a lengthy chat. Not that I’m complaining, the company was nice after being on a pushy all day. From there it was on to Eden and a chance to rest and sort out a few issues.

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