Ride Update #1

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Kitchen Dining area

The lead up to this ride has been nothing short of crazy! There was little time to train, or prepare, I’m still riding around with Bar tape which I plan to wrap the handle bars in when I eventually have a rest day.  Getting the house finished and then moving out was just a nightmare but there was little I could do in the time frame that I had. The longer I took to get away the closer I’d get to running out of money.  Time isn’t an issue on this journey just funding, the lack of sponsors meant the journey would have to be self funded. I did get some help and  EMS still deserve a big thank you for all the assistance they gave me to make this possible.

Phillip Island Big 4

But anyway, last Thursday I managed to get away, even if it was a little late. All the packing and preparation, including some modifications to the bike were done on Thursday morning. and have been on going along the way. All the things I didn’t have time to get and the extra baggage I was carrying have finally been sorted.

The first few days were hard on my ass but they were still pretty cool. Staying with friends the first few nights was amazing, having a few good D&M sessions to clear out a lot baggage really helped to kick start the trip and change the mind frame. The last few nights have been stays in caravan parks. I was starting to think camping beside the road was going to be my only option this afternoon but like an oasis in the desert I found a cosy little caravan park in Venus Bay.

Burky McBurkface
This is Burky McBurkface, she coming along for the ride

Tomorrows Target

Tomorrow the target is Wilsons Promontory . Not sure how that’s going to go, as my ass is pretty sore. It’s just not used to being planted on a bike seat for so many hours every day. Wilsons Prom seems like a good place take a few days rest days though, before heading toward the NSW border.

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