The Ride To Cape York

From Bottom to the Top…

So… The plan is to ride a bike, a push bike, from Melbourne up to the top of Cape York. Fundraising for Autism. Firstly heading down to Wilsons Promontory, the southern most point of Australia’s mainland and then up to the northern most point. Cape York Peninsula. I’ll be travelling unsupported, carrying all my own gear. Oh and to make things a little more challenging I’ll be heading up through Cape York in the middle of the wet season.

The journey will cover close to 4500Kms and take around 2 and a half months. The departure date has currently been set for the 7th of December. But that may change as it’s dependent on how quickly I can get the renovations on the house sorted. Yes, time for a change, moving out and taking off on a pushy.

I’m not doing this without a purpose, I’m trying to raise some much needed fundraising for Amaze (Autism Victoria) and hopefully raise lots of awareness of what Autism is and how it effects people and families. So please click on the image below and give a donation, big or small it all helps.



Construction of the bike, a Surly Ogre, which is coming together with just a little fine tuning left to do. For the gear junkies there’s a gear page for info on the gear I’m taking with me, including the bits that have made the Ogre come to life. This all hasn’t been easy with the limited funds I have at the moment but the support I’ve gotten from the super awesome sponsors has made things a little easier.