Preparations For The Ride

House renovations

Dining room tilesThe troublesome house renovations are coming along, slowly but surely as they say. The biggest part of preparations. The biggest hold up is the floor in the dining area and passage. Getting the old tiles up was a nightmare but after 3 days of blood sweat and tears they’re up! Now I just have to wait for the concrete dude to come and grind the glue off. A few people have suggested I hire a machine and do it myself. This is what I did in the kitchen and it was shit. I didn’t do a very good job and I’d rather have it done by someone who knows what they’re doing so it’s done properly. In the meantime there’s still heaps to do, lots of little jobs and some not so little. Concrete grinding man is coming on the 27th which has meant that the departure date had to be pushed back a week. But it gives me 8 days to put the floor down, finish things off and get out of here!

The Gear

Sinewave ReactorThe bike’s pretty much ready to go. Picked up the new front wheel today and a few little bits and pieces from Commuter Cycles. There’s still a few bits of camping gear I need to organise. This trip isn’t really much different from doing a long hike. Apart from the bike gear, all the camping gear is the same. So I’ve got most of the things needed. I was looking at buying a new camping stove but most of the newer ones seem to have issues. They’re both too noisy and sound like a rocket ship taking off. Or they don’t have flame control to allow you to simmer. So cooking things like rice or packets of pasta become a real challenge. So since Coleman still have parts for them, I’ve gone back to the trusty Coleman 442 which I’ve had for almost ever. Review coming soon!

The quest to get a bit of sponsorship for the journey to help make it possible, but that’s proving to be a real challenge. Sponsorship would really help but there seems to be a lot of completion for help for sponsors. All good though, things always seem to fall into place when you keep pushing to make something happen.

Surly OgreTraining

Umm… yes, well that’s probably something that needs a little more attention. Haven’t been getting out as much as I would like or need, but there’s only so many hours in the day. There’s just so much to organise at the moment it’s difficult to find the time. If all else fails when the ride starts I’ll have to build up to a decent mileage every day. There’s no set time frame just a limited budget. I might be eating out of bins if it takes too long.

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