What’s Your Fear?

Hero Trail JumpThe first time I came across this jump on the Hero trail up at Mystic Mountain, it filled me with fear. Without a second thought I had decided it was to big for me. fear had taken over. Every time I came down the trail that weekend I’d go around it. Fear was holding me back!

Is fear holding you back!

Last weekend I was up at Mystic mountain again for another shuttle day. This time I was determined to have a go at this elusive jump and not let it beat me. Of course the first time I came down the hill fear had the upper hand and I went around it. On the day I’d partnered up with another guy who was around my level maybe slightly better. He went over it as we came down and I mentioned to him that I’d been avoiding it. He pointed out that he was a little unsure about going this jump as well so he only coasted over it.

It’s easy, I just coasted over it, it slopes down as you come over it

Riding BuddyWhen I had a look at the drop off, he was right, it wasn’t high at all, the ground does slope down as you come over it. It wasn’t really that scary at all.

So it was time to give it a shot! On the next run down I hit a dip and lost my pedals and had to stop but that was cool. I’ll just go up and get it next time. All good! Coming down this time, all fired up ready to tackle this elusive jump, as I came over the jump just before it, the front wheel came down on the wrong angle and slipped out from under me on the muddy track and down I went. Landing on my side and hitting pretty hard. It had eluded me again. Was this fear that put me off? or was it just coincidence?

Did fear take over and make me crash so I wouldn’t have to face this elusive jump?

I scaped myself up and limped back to the shuttle bus for another go. Still determined to have a go again. This time coming down my body was aching, every jump was just agony, only to be coasting down by the end, just to get to the bottom. As it turned out, apart from the bumps and bruises I’d broken a rib when I came  off as well.

So the question I now have is…

Why did I come off? Was it fear that had take control and wouldn’t let me do it?

So my question to you is…

What are you afraid of?

Is your fear holding you back?

What are you doing to take back control?


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