Down to South Piont

So I made it down to the south point!

South Point

Not without dramas though. It’s a 40Km walk up and back from the campground which essentially is an overnight walk. That’s all good but I’m not geared up for an overnight walk. Parks Vic were adamant that even though there was a vehicle trail most of the way down there, bikes were not permitted. Absolutely adamant that I was to get there, even if a rescue party had to come and get me. I will get there. Heading back to the tent I bumped into a dude. (Who shall remain nameless) He mentioned all the management staff were of on business in Bairnsdale and nobody will be going down that track today.

Tidal River bridge

That’s all I needed to hear! So all you need to know is that I made it, in a day.



So since leaving the Prom

It’s been a slow ride east towards the NSW border. At this stage the plan is to get to Bairnsdale and take a break for Christmas. There’s a train from there back to Melbourne, which means I can spend Christmas with the kids and then Feet in Oceancatch a train back later and continue the journey. Missing them heaps and won’t see them for a few months after get back on track.
Since leaving Melbourne, so much has changed. The world has pretty much turned upside down. Everything I knew beforehand has been thrown out the window. I don’t have a job, I don’t have a home and future plans have now vanished. I guess when you’re rolling down the road for so many hours every day you’re left alone with your own thoughts and at the moment there’s so much to think about. It can be a little scary. The thought of getting up to Cape York is just something I don’t want to think about at the moment, not really sure how it’s going to happen but that will come with time.

Burky and Stove

One thing I can’t help noticing is the warmth and kindness from people. Sometimes it just comes from being a lone traveller other times its support for the message I’m trying to spread. Either way it’s refreshing, a change from the solitude you get in a big city

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