Donna’s Place

Donna's PlaceDonna’s place, otherwise known as the “Greendale Wildlife Shelter”. A place I’ve always known to be filled with an infectious warmth and kindness. Where you’re always greeted with a hug. A place that fills you with a warmth that you carry with you when you leave. For me it’s always been a place to talk, to unload, to open up.  A place to share your thoughts.

Feeding DucksIt’s a place where everyone puts in and helps out. If you’re not given an animal to nurse, you’ll be given a pile of vegies to chop up or given something else to be prepared. On some occasions, a baby to hang on to while mum takes care of something else that needs to be done. The only place now days I get a baby fix.  It’s a place where people come and go, where everyone is friendly.

JoeyIt’s an animal shelter

So a lot of animals come and go. Joeys hang in pouches on the wall beneath the TV mounted on the tin wall. Most flat surfaces have a cage sitting have cages on them. Some in use some not. The place here is run on a she string, There’s nothing fancy here, the walls are tin and a wood fire heats the place.  Nestled in 40 Acres of bush with enclosures scattered around to house the many animals that come through the place.  The place is beautiful. Kangaroos, wombats, birds, possums… The list goes on. Many of the animals hang around  for a while, some come back to visit.  There’s always life here. Kangaroos hop around free to go but not quite ready yet. Ducks always waddle around quacking away.

Sugar GliderThe people here aren’t left wing Kale eating greenies. These are hard working people giving so much back to the community.  They’re CFA volunteers, they help out when needed and they care about their local community. They are just trying to minimise the suffering of these animals. If the animals have a chance they’re given one, if not they’re euthanized and an end is put to their suffering.


So please if you’d like to make a donation to help these guys out you can visit their website: Greedale Wildlife Shelter (AKA: BADGAR Wildlife)


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