Gizmo Rescue dogThis is Gizmo. He’s a rescue dog. Before he came to us he was staying with a foster family. He’d been on trial with another family but they sent him back, they didn’t want him. I’m not sure why they didn’t want him. It may have been because he was very nervous and weary of sudden movements. If you raised your hand he would back away with his tail between his legs. Hold a stick up in the air and he’s gone. He won’t walk into a small room, I have to open the backdoor before he’ll walk into the laundry. Continue reading “Gizmo”

Donna’s Place

Donna's PlaceDonna’s place, otherwise known as the “Greendale Wildlife Shelter”. A place I’ve always known to be filled with an infectious warmth and kindness. Where you’re always greeted with a hug. A place that fills you with a warmth that you carry with you when you leave. For me it’s always been a place to talk, to unload, to open up.  A place to share your thoughts. Continue reading “Donna’s Place”

Traveling With Salad

As strange as it may seem I’ve been travelling with salad.

For some reason it’s been really hard to change my mindset. Having done a lot of hiking in the past I tend to carry light foods, dried pasta, dried fruits and nuts and powdered milk. Everything is simple. The thing I’ve struggled to get my head around is there’s usually a camp kitchen at most caravan parks and if they’re close to town there’ll be a supermarket down the road. So meals don’t have to be dehydrated or powdered crap. There’s the option to go down the street and get a few sausages or a bit or chicken. I can make a salad or whatever suites because at the moment…

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Back into Reality

Taking the train back was like a slow ride back into reality.

Bringing back all the things I didn’t get a chance to deal with before I left. Like the bike parts I’d been carrying. I’ve been carrying bike parts around for over 600Km. Bits that needed to go on the bike. I’ve also been carrying a folder of paperwork that I hadn’t dealt with yet. Too preoccupied with travelling, getting away from the reality that surrounded me back home.

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