Call the Wildlife Folk…

Injured Kangaroo WildlifeHad an interesting start to the day this morning. Just down the road from the horses I found a kangaroo laying on the road with broken legs. The poor little guy, after being hit by a car, had been trying to hope away for a while, there was a lot of blood on the road. It wasn’t a pretty site.

I quickly got on the phone and made a few calls to get a shooter out. While waiting the police turned up and I filled them in on situation, letting them know a shooter was on the way and a shot would be fired in about 30 minutes. An all to familiar process. The police are usually grateful the situation was under control as they aren’t familiar with dealing with injured animals and they know it’s a process better left to those more experienced in the matter.

After the poor little guy had been euthanized and having a short chat to Greame (The shooter) it left me feeling angry. Because someone didn’t take the time to stop and call a local wildlife group to take care of the situation I got stuck with it. The blood, the mess and I had to sit there for 40 minutes directing traffic away so the cars didn’t scare the little guy, watching an animal suffer. It really pissed me off that people have become so detached from life outside their own. No animal needs to suffer unnecessarily. A lot of which in this case could have been avoided. It was a harsh reminder of the help needed by the local wildlife groups and maybe it’s something I need to consider getting involved in again and volunteering.

If you hit an animal with your car or you see an injured animal please, please stop and call your local wildlife group. There are many groups that cover different areas.

If you live around the west of Melbourne you can call Badgar Wildlife on 1300.223.427

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