I’m Allowed to be Sad

I just want to feel sad, I’m allowed to be sad, it’s okay to feel sad. I just lost someone I cared about, someone who touched the deepest darkest corners of my soul, my soulmate. walking on the beachIn the words of a wise young lady raising awareness of mental health “It’s okay to not be okay”. (buy a T-Shirt)  I’m not okay but I will be, it’ll just take time and that’s okay, it’s just part of the process. Part of embracing the emotions we go through when we lose someone. Continue reading “I’m Allowed to be Sad”

Making Soap for Science

Had an amazing day on Saturday making soap with Tara for her school project. She had been given a few options but knowing her dad’s passion for soap, decided this would be the more enjoyable option, which it was. After speaking to her teacher if it was okay to follow her dads procedure, she was given the all clear and it was good to go. Not having made soap for a long time it was an amazing opportunity to get back into it. Continue reading “Making Soap for Science”

Snake Myths

As a snake handler I often get people ringing wanting to know answers to a question about snakes which I’m more than happy to help with. Anything to dispel the mystery of such an amazing creature, that’s often persecuted due to peoples ignorance and lack of understanding. Continue reading “Snake Myths”