Back to Melbourne

I’ve had to put travels on hold and head back to Melbourne. Without going into too much detail, some of the reasons for this are personal and some financial. The way I left things before I took off to ride up to Cape York was going to create more and more issues when I get back, the longer I left it.

So the decision was made to return to Melbourne and get my shit sorted. Now the golden question I keep getting asked is “will you keep going later?” The answer to this is I don’t know but at this stage it’s looking highly unlikely as I no longer have the funding to return to Sydney and continue on. Also it’ll take me a few months in Melbourne to sort out things down here.

I would love to continue on!!

As it was an absolute hoot!! An amazing adventure, meeting so many beautiful people. But unfortunately real life has gotten in the way. The fundraising page will be left up for as long as I can or at least until I have a definite answer as to whether or not the journey will continue. So please, please, please if you intend on making a donation please do so. It’s going to an awesome cause and the guys at Amaze really need all the help they can get.
But this is no reason to abandon us just yet, I’ll still be posting ramblings on the blog and there will still be adventures to share on the Facebook page. So sit back, relax and stay tuned for the next adventure…

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