Back into Reality

Taking the train back was like a slow ride back into reality.

Bringing back all the things I didn’t get a chance to deal with before I left. Like the bike parts I’d been carrying. I’ve been carrying bike parts around for over 600Km. Bits that needed to go on the bike. I’ve also been carrying a folder of paperwork that I hadn’t dealt with yet. Too preoccupied with travelling, getting away from the reality that surrounded me back home.

I just wanted to get a few Kms under my belt and get this trip started. But for now I’ve taken a short break from riding up to “The cape” to spend Christmas with family, more so the kids which I’m already missing heaps and which after Christmas I won’t get to see for a long time. Around the 26th or 27th I’ll take the train back and continue the travels. I would have preferred to ride a little further and come back a little later but I was at the end of the line. The train line stopped at Bairnsdale. If I kept riding it meant the bike would have been left behind, which meant I couldn’t do any work on it while I wasn’t riding.

Being in Melbourne

Has been a good opportunity to reorganise, repack and rethink the plan to get up to the top of Cape York. Possibly more so to come up with a plan as I didn’t have much of a plan to begin with. A bad habit I’ve always had is to “just wing it” and see how it works out. In most cases it works but in this case it’s a little bit bigger than most adventures I’ve been on.

A chance to repack has also meant I can drop a lot things that aren’t really needed and pick up a few things which will be needed later on. Like the spares I’ve come to realise would be good to have with me further up north. Essentially the journey up to Cairns will be a budget cycling holiday. Travel is easy, there’s plenty of places to stay, there’s shops and no issues with food and water. Once I get past Cairns things will start to get a bit more challenging as the areas I go through become more and more remote. Food and water become bigger issues.

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