Standing in a crowd I am nobody, just another figure in amongst all the others. Standing alone I am unique to this vast world, different to everyone else on this beautiful planet.  These are my thoughts, feelings and experiences as I progress through this life, my story. So many people come and go from this world and nobody really knows who they were. When my time is done in this world this will be a record of who I am and the road I have travelled. Which may mean nothing to anyone but hopefully it might inspire someone to change for the better or at least have some kind of positive impact on someone somewhere after reading about my story.

Having separated after a 22 year marriage. I think the emotional rollercoaster is what inspired me to write things down and share my journey, and also a few things from the past. So if you would like to join me on this journey I can tell you all about the horses that send me broke but my beautiful daughter absolutely lives for. My interest is riding bikes which I think was fuelled by me having a midlife crisis and needing an escape from the pressures of life. Also my amazing son who was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome and also the absolutely amazing woman who captured my soul and now holds my heart in her hands.