Cycling for Autism

The plan is to ride a bike up to the top of Cape York, well I’m going to try. It all depends on time and money. At the same time I’m hoping I can do a little fundraising for Amaze (Autism Victoria) and hopefully raise a little awareness for Autism. The journey will begin in Melbourne and the plan is to ride up the east coast of Australia, all the way up to the tip of Cape York. A total of about 4500Kms. Construction of the bike has started, a Surly Ogre, which is slowly coming together with the limited funds I have.

map route

You can keep up to date and follow the journey on Facebook or by leaving your email below to receive the occasional Blog post via email. Also if you’d like to make a donation please go to the GoFundraise page or alternatively contact me through the contact page. If you can help out directly and help make this happen.

My Story Cycling for a Cause

Every one has a story…

This is my story…

This is the world through my eyes, the way I see it. The road I’ve travelled through the past, through the present and into the future.

Life has taken me on an amazing journey and still continues to do so. Having travelled through distant lands, Life has brought with it some very valuable lessons and some incredible messages which will never be forgotten.

Several of the photos on here were taken by my brother who takes some amazing photos. Please check out his Flickr page.